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Intertex earned its reputation for excellence by the speed and integrity with which we provide our clients the first-rate service they deserve. Our uniquely qualified construction management team is comprised of dedicated professionals with diverse, yet complementary, backgrounds. Whether Intertex is developing and/or constructing new facilities, remodeling and renovating existing structures, or building tenant improvements, our exceptional performance is assured by the extensive experience of our work force.

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Intertex is committed to remaining abreast of current construction technologies and management techniques. We regularly provide our personnel continued training and education. We are equally committed to the concept of partnering. By developing and maintaining open lines of communication between all parties involved, Intertex fosters trust and a positive environment conducive to the successful completion of any project.

Founded in 1982, Intertex has become the largest construction company based in the Santa Clarita Valley. Our growth is attributable to our service-oriented team members who take pride in providing superior quality construction at a competitive price. We are currently performing projects in California and Nevada and have completed projects in Arizona.

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We are committed to work in partnership with our employees, subcontractors, and vendors to achieve superior quality and total customer satisfaction.

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